About Energetic Balancing



There are numerous types of energetic healing.  They all have in common a focus on the circulating energy of the body.  In many healing traditions, the circulating energy of the body is considered to be as important as the circulating blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid.  Energetic healing is based on removing energetic blockages, thereby allowing the life-force energy, chi or prana, to move freely.  Each of us is a vibrating energy field, connected to Source and to one another.

Borrowing from Einstein, E=mc^2.  Energy can be transformed into matter and matter into energy.  Pure energy is all around us even though we may not see it until it affects something physically in our environment. For example, light cannot be seen until it illuminates something.  Imagine first talking about electricity or the atom.  People didn’t have the language or the corollaries in the world of normal experience.  Similarly, the concepts and language of energetic healing can seem foreign initially.

The healing system I have created, integrating concepts learned from Eastern and Western healing traditions, is called Energetic Balancing. Energetic Balancing (EB) works with all levels of a being–physical, emotional, psychological, mental, psychic and spiritual.  I offer EB phone sessions in which I am able to read a person’s energy field, discover blockages, and then assist that person’s system to remove those blockages and realign the energy.  The process seeks to identify all of the layers holding any particular symptom/issue in place and then realign the energy to move freely through the pre-existing blockages.  It is like peeling the layers of an onion; it is a process of uncovering or revealing, and often we cannot see/feel the underlying layers until we get there.

A brief illustration may be helpful.  A client comes with a symptom such as back pain.  The layers responsible for this pain may include issues of relationship, finance, limiting beliefs, hereditary components and only a small element of physical imbalance.  As each new layer is revealed, the client’s energetic system is re-balanced in order to clear that specific issue.  Another person with a similar symptom will have an entirely different set of layers responsible for the manifested symptom.

It is not unusual for symptoms to completely resolve when the core level layers are addressed and the energy is balanced.  Whether a given medical condition can be helped with this process Is unknown.  However, energetic balancing will assist in removing energetic imbalances thereby increasing the capacity for self-healing.

The role of the medical model is to diagnose, treat and cure, when possible.  Healing, which resides in the realm of spirituality, comes from within.  The task of the healer is to shift consciousness, which directs one’s own life force to heal the body, mind and spirit.  Energetic balancing is meant to complement, not replace, traditional medical practices.

EB is about living consciously within ourselves and our relationships to others.  At its essence, it is about erasing old energy patterns so that life force flows more freely through us.  This energetic re-patterning is a scientific and spiritual revolution of consciousness.

“Everything is energy; everything is consciousness; anything is possible.”